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         As Gençoğlu Walnut blanks, we bring you the finest walnut gun stock blanks made of Turkish Walnut. We only use walnut logs which are harvested from Eastern Anatolia. Our experienced and skilled field teams give their best to provide you with the extraordinary fine grain,strength, firmness and beauty of this high quality wood.
         Me, Fethettin Genç, and your friends at Gençoğlu Walnut blanks, we are proud of both our customer portfolio -which ranges from high-end custom made gun makers to global weapon brands, and from amateur hunters/shooters to the members of the most distinguished families of the high society- and of our high quality products.
        Since 1994, I have been searching the Eastern parts of Turkey with the sole aim to harvest only the finest walnut logs. Great attention is paid to the procurement and cutting of the logs. Our process results in different qualities of gunstocks ranging from abundant straight, simple shafts to the more rarer and valuable exhibition shafts which are a blessing to the eyes with their beautiful colour and contrast.
        Furthermore, as Gençoğlu Walnut Blanks we pay great effort to understand and satisfy the specific needs of our customers. Our plant in Bitlis/TURKEY offers an abundant selection of quality walnut gun stocks, including pairs. Our regional office in Istanbul is under construction and will be operating shortly. We encourage any visits to our plants, and will be very happy to show our stocks and discuss how to better serve your specific demands.
         With all my experience in walnut gun stock business, from 2014 I will serve my precious customers through Gençoğlu Walnut Blanks, with the intention of creating healthy and long lasting customer relations.




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